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July, 2019

Next Door @ NYTW

Adapted from Franz Kafka's short story of the same name, In the Penal Colony investigates the performance of power, patriarchy and punishment. Three black men convene in an unnamed penal colony, asking what it means for them to exist in the media, when observed, when consumed, when punished.

Written and Directed by Miranda Haymon

Producers: The Hodgepodge Group and Lucy Powis

Featuring Jamar Brathwaite, David Glover, and Dhari Noel
Set Designer: Emmie Finckel

Lighting Designer: Cha See
Sound Designer: Valentine Monfeuga 
Props Designer and Associate Set Designer: Holden Gunster

Stage Management: Jessica Emmanus and Haley Dunlavey

Photos by Mari Uchida

January-February, 2020


The Tank

Enter America's disgusting and sensational future--everything is underwater, but the TVs still work. In a moldy shack, two women slosh through life together, each the other's only remaining companion, sharing dreams of stardom and power that will never, ever, ever come true. Except when they do. Directed by Miranda Haymon, Nick Mecikalski's Really Really Gorgeous traverses the dystopian, the outlandish, and the magical to arrive at the collision between love, celebrity... and the apocalypse.

Written by Nick Mecikalski

Directed by Miranda Haymon

Featuring Sophie Becker, Giselle LeBleu Gant, and Amber Jaunai
Set Designer: Crushed Red 
Costume Designer: Alice Tavener
Lighting Designer: Taylor Lilly

Sound Designer: Chris Darbassie

Stage Management: Adam Munawar Rahman and Emma Hogan

Photos by Mari Uchida

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June, 2019

Ars Nova's ANT Fest

A resilient speaker dies in a catastrophic tsunami over and over. This bracing and meditative epic turns the finality of death prismatic, and eventually choral. Cathartic redemption, on repeat.

Written by Nazareth Hassan

Directed by Miranda Haymon

Music by Nick Jaeckel

Featuring Stella Asa, Giselle LeBleu Gant, David Glover, Nazareth Hassan, Matthew James Sherrod, Oumou Traore

Set Designer: Jejomar Ysit

Costume Designer: Nathan Mullen

Lighting Designer: Zack Lobel

Photo by Zenzali Lael

April, 2019

LPAC's Rough Draft Festival


June Miller has dreamt of stardom ever since her humble beginnings in an RV off Highway 41. When her Papa’s windfall from church bingo unexpectedly paves the way for June to audition for a dream role in New York City, her wildest dreams finally feel within reach. PROSPERITY! chases a daddy-daughter duo on a cross-country road trip as they navigate a decoupaged landscape of unraveling opportunity. This Brechtian drag epic throws us head first into the psychological realities of our American dreams.

Written by Sam Max

Created by Sam Max and Jake Sellers

Music by Sam Max and Avery Leigh Draut

Directed by Miranda Haymon

Featuring Lilli Hokama, Jax Jackson, Daniel Maseda, Jake Sellers, Ry Szelong

Photo by Erica Snyder



Photos by Emily Hewitt

January-February, 2019


Between the Threads (Jewish Women Project) is a devised theatre piece about Jewish women in America exploring their relationship to their Judaism. What does it mean to be part of a tiny minority with a disproportionate representation in the national consciousness? How does our identity as Jews intersect with our identities as women? How important is our Judaism to our lives now? What is our responsibility as a historically oppressed people in the face of blatant injustice in our own country, and injustice done in our name in another?

Conceived and Directed by Coral Cohen
Original Music by Zoë Aqua
Performed and Co-created by: Zoë Aqua, Hannah Goldman, Lea Kalisch, Luisa Muhr, Daniella Seidl, Laura Lassy Townsend
Dramaturg & Script Supervisor: Tatiana Baccari
Associate Producers: Kimberly Dillon & Lucy Powis
Set Designer: Lauren Barber 
Costume Designer: Johanna Pan
Lighting Designer: Elizabeth M. Stewart

Stage Management: Kailie White and Haley Dunlavey



Then They Fight was co-founded in 2015 by Aaron Jan, Jordan Laffrenier, Lucy Powis, and Luke Reece as a theatre company to support the work of underproduced, underestimated, and unexpected theatre artists in Canada. In aiming to bridge the gap between artistic disciplines and form relationships between early- and late-career artists, the company produced large-scale multidisciplinary work, including two iterations of The 10/10/10 Project.


In The 10/10/10 Project, 10 writers, 10, composers, and 10 choreographers (as well as filmmakers and visual artists, in the 2nd iteration) worked together to create a piece without ever speaking to each other. As dramaturg/co-creator/producer, Lucy drafted contracts for each artist, and was the central point of contact for them throughout the creation process.


Additionally, Lucy co-created and curated Then Speak with Dorcas Chiu, Aaron Jan, Jordan Laffrenier, and Margarita Valderrama. Then Speak was a series of multidisciplinary workshops in honour of Canada's 150th birthday that were meant to speak to what community means to citizens and residents of Canada. 





Logo by Kathy Siu

Lucy was co-Artistic Director of York University's 23rd annual playGround Festival, a week-long festival featuring 16 new works.


Alongside her co-AD, Bessie Cheng, Lucy created a new mission for the festival devoted to development and process instead of finished products. A new playwriting group was formed, whose members read their work as part of the festival. The intermezzos, short pieces in between longer ones upon each night, were rethought in order to provide more thematic structure. Peer showings and audience feedback were also added components.


Additionally, Lucy and Bessie were in charge of planning and executing the marketing and tech schedules for the festival, curating it, and planning the opening night party. 

Read an interview with Lucy and Bessie here.

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