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May, 2018//Columbia Stages @ Signature Theatre

After leaving his home and family to join a militant occupation in faraway Carthage National Park, Edom Donovan has finally returned to Eastern Falls. As the late summer heat breaks one-hundred degrees, Edom tries to set the record straight about what happened out in the wilderness, while his family struggles to pick up the pieces of a shattered past. Set in a 21st-century city on the edge of America’s old West, Between Fire and Smoke is a play about possession, belonging, staying put, and moving along.

By Ed Wasserman 

Director: Matt Trucano
Dramaturg: Lucy Powis
Producer: Plan Bee Collective
Scenic Designer: D'Vaughn Agu
Costume Designer: Lily Prentice

Lighting Designer: Cha See
Sound and Projection Designer: Five Ohm Productions


Will Erat, Cole Francum, Noor Hamdi, Feryal Kilisli, Jackie Maruschak, Anuj Parikh, Julia Schonberg


Photo by Gordon Penn

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