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still.they keep flying

November, 2016

A radical, animalistic new adaptation of Chekhov's Three Sisters.

By Anchuli Felicia King, Aphiwan Natasha King, and Isabelle Kettle

Director: Isabelle Kettle
Dramaturg: Lucy Powis
Designer: Anchuli Felicia King
Lighting Designer: Christina Watanabe

Monica Ammerman, Becca Q. Co, Amy Miyako, James Parenti, Tiffany Small, Ana Ribeiro

Photos by Lucy Powis

March, 2017


Through a series of tantalizing events, over 90 characters search for meaning in their lives. Through sex, love, death, thinking, and feeling, they discover each other.

By Caryl Churchill

Director: NJ Agwuna
Dramaturg: Lucy Powis
Producer: Lucia Xiaoran Zhu

Set Designer: Andrew Moerdyk

Costume Designer: Aaron Crosby

Lighting Designer: Eric Norbury

Sound Designers: Michael Locicero and NJ Agwuna


Rudy Bamenga, Justin Michael Cooke, Bobby Daglio, Giselle LeBleu Gant, Britta Kuhn, Bella Luongo, Eddie Powers, Allison Siko

Photos by Gordon Penn


February, 2017


When a death in the family reunites Jacob with his uncle Allen, the two have not seen each other in years. But when Allen invites Jacob to his house in Provincetown, MA, the two struggle to repair their strained relationship and seek to untangle the stories that have been keeping them apart. Stretching back in its imagination to America's founding myth, From Pilgrim Landing explores where we’ve been and where we’re going, when best to move forward, and when best to look back.

By Ed Wasserman

Director: John Michael DiResta
Dramaturg: Lucy Powis

Producer: Jesse Rothschild

Set Designer: Dan Daly
Costume Designer: Tristan Raines

Lighting Designer: Erik Herskowitz

Sound Designer: Nathan Leigh


Greg Carter, Nilan Johnson, Charlotte Maier, Lisa Purrone, Kyle Sherman

Photo by John Michael DiResta

October, 2016


When Sarah leaves the keys for Kyle (and his AI mannequin Gerald) to move in, an unknown identity called '*' enters the apartment. When Kyle arrives in his new home, he meets * and assumes it's Sarah. Sarah gets back to welcome Kyle, unaware she's actually meeting *. * corrects neither of them, and must maintain the identities of two people as they desperately try to connect with one another. 

Personhood is an absurdist play that explores our society's struggle to belong in an increasingly transient world, interrogating exactly what makes a human in 2016.

By Max Mondi

Director: Isabelle Kettle

Dramaturg: Lucy Powis
Lighting Designer: Joe Cabrera


Gregg Ellson, Cassie Gilling, Alexander Stene, Rachel Sweeney

Photos by Lucy Powis

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