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Little Black Afro Theatre Company is based in Toronto and is "a community of artists dedicated to providing spaces and resources for the development of new Canadian work. From readings and workshops to full productions [they] connect artists with local charities, engaging entirely with the communities around us through outreach, donations and volunteering."


Since 2013, Lucy has been a frequent collaborator with the company as a dramaturg, writer, and actor. 


Hamilton Fringe

July, 2013


When Robert's OCD escalates after one of his paintings is criticized, his wife and son struggle to keep their family together. A documentary theatre piece with physical theatre elements, "A Little Too Close to Home" explores the importance of awareness and the effects that anxiety can have on someone's life and relationships.

Written and Performed by Jordan Laffrenier, Lucy Powis, Luke Reece, and Kano Wilkinson

Directors: Jordan Laffrenier and Luke Reece
Dramaturg: Lucy Powis
Lighting Designer: Steph Raposo
Sound Designer: Jonnathan Leong-Sem

Winner: Best of Venue, Theatre Aquarius 

Photo by Luke Reece

November, 2016

Co-Produced by Filament Incubator


Gruesome, spine-tingling, and unrelenting, "Swan" follows a group of young queer women as they piece together a vicious, disturbing episode from their school days 10 years ago. What starts as a reluctant club reunion becomes a frenzied attempt to wake up from a nightmarish revisiting of the past. Performed in episodic, storytelling vignettes, "Swan" explores the idea of growing up coloured in a predominantly white neighbourhood, the journey of discovering home as the second generation children of immigrants, and how the feeling of cultural inferiority can twist people into suburban monsters.

Written and Directed By Aaron Jan

Dramaturg: Lucy Powis
Producers: Luke Reece and Dylan On

Set and Costume Designer: Aram Heydarian

Lighting Designer: Samuel Chang

Sound Designer: Kevin Feliciano


Michelle Chiu, Isabel Kanaan, Bria McLaughlin, Marina Moreira, Christine Nguyen, Angela Sun.

Photos by Cesar Ghisilieri


March, 2016


Carbon heightens the theatricality of poetry performance and storytelling as five poets from the Great Toronto Area give it all on stage. Experience the rhythm of memory through Slam Poetry and Spoken Word. It's a part of all of us. Members of Hamilton Youth Poets will be featured before each performance, uniting Toronto and Hamilton through poetry. 

Written and Performed by Cass Brennan, Stephanie Gundert, Charles Diokno Manzo, Aaron Robertson and Kano Wilkinson 
Director: Jordan Laffrenier
Dramaturgs: Lucy Powis and Devon Bain

Set and Costume Designer: Aram Heydarian
Lighting Designer: Logan Cracknell

Sound Designers and Composers: Kelly Anderson and Brett Klassen

Photo by Cesar Ghisilieri

July, 2015

strangeness and breath

"when the lamps cut his body becomes pure light"


Blending both the cerebral and the intensely physical, "strangeness and breath" submerges the audience in a sexual encounter between two young men. Identity, memory, truth: take your clothes off and it all comes spilling out. 

By Curtis te Brinke

Director: Michael Pintucci

Dramaturg: Lucy Powis


Curtis te Brinke and Luke Pieroni

Screen Shot 2019-02-09 at 7.14.45 PM.png

Photo by Cesar Ghisilieri

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