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August, 2015

SummerWorks Performance Festival

The Living, a documentary play, inspired by the actual stories of women and girls who survived trauma in post-conflict zones, examines the lives of victims and perpetrators, post-genocide, who live side-by-side in government-issued housing, and NGO-funded campaigns to encourage reconciliation in hopes that the impossible act of forgiveness can end the cycle of revenge.

By Colleen Wagner

Director: Ines Buchli
Assistant Director: Lucy Powis
Producer: Sue Edworthy

Set and Costume Designer: Shawn Kerwin
Lighting Designer: Elizabeth Asselstine

Sound Designer: James McKernan

Movement Director: Erika Batdorf


Kaleb Alexander, Beryl Bain, Francoise Balthazar, Cindy Block, Miriam Fernandes, Gabrielle Graham, Stephanie Jung, Anita La Selva, Richard Lee, Wayne Ward

Photos by Paul Lampert

May, 2015

Theatre Asylum


The Successful Life of 3 playfully examines the intersecting lives of two men and the woman they love as He, She and 3 careen through ten episodic vaudevillian scenes. Mud is grounded in realism and extends 3’s themes of disenfranchisement to a dramatic climax. The Successful Life of 3 (1965) and Mud (1983), when linked, expose a cycle of consumerism and poverty, while the setting of Kensington Market pays tribute to the style and soul of the Off-Off Broadway movement, with daring avant-garde theatre happening in found spaces.

By Maria Irene Fornés

Director and Producer: Jennifer Herszman Capraru
Dramaturg: Judith Rudakoff
Associate Dramaturg: Lucy Powis

Set Designer: Troy Hourie

Costume Designer: Snezana Pesic

Lighting Designer: Sandra Marcroft

Sound Designer: Cathy Nosaty


Michelle Latimer, Hardee T. Lineham, Jamie Robinson


May, 2014

Libido Productions @

Buddies in Bad Times

Queer Bathroom Stories is a play about lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans- and queer experiences in Canada’s public facilities written by Sheila Cavanagh. It is based on interviews conducted for the award-winning Queering Bathrooms: Gender, Sexuality and the Hygienic Imagination (2010) book by Cavanagh. The stories open our eyes to the secret sex life of the bathroom and to the gendered politics of the washroom. 

By Sheila Cavanaugh

Director: Megan Watson
Dramaturg: Judith Rudakoff

Associate Dramaturg: Amy Bowman

Assistant Dramaturgs: Shawna Blain and Lucy Powis

Production Designer: Cory Sincennes
Sound Designer: Verne Good


Hallie Burt, Tyson James, Chy Ryan Spain

May, 2014

Theatre Aquarius' TA2 Series, Hamilton


Emily Peters is having a rough year. Her dance career is in shambles. Her apartment is falling apart. And there’s a boy trying to do drywall wherever she goes. Here is about learning how to say goodbye to something you love. 

Written and Directed By Aaron Jan

Dramaturg: Lucy Powis
Set and Lighting Designer: Samuel Chang

Composers: Jake Butineau and Spencer Creaghan

Video Designer: Alomar Kocur


Jacqueline Byers, Greg Solomon, Molly Thomas

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