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December, 2017//Lenfest Center for the Arts

A woman is trapped in a suffocating and inhuman world, her only choices defined by men. Desperate to escape, she dares to pursue increasingly reckless forms of protest.

Sophie Treadwell’s extraordinary 1928 play insists on the necessity of conceiving a different future for women. 90 years later, the violence of that imagination remains provocative and radical.

Director: Isabelle Kettle

Dramaturg: Lucy Powis
Producer: Bethany Sharp
Sound and Projection Designer: Anchuli Felicia King
Choreographers: Ann Cooley and Amos Wolff
Set Designer: Anna Driftmier
Costume Designer: Alexandra Soiseth
Lighting Designer: Eric Norbury

Abby Awe, Jamar Brathwaite, Elizabeth Chappel, Fang Du, Giselle Lebleu Gant, David Glover, Alexia Hartman, Thomas Lynch, Thom Niemann, Emily Oliveira, James Parenti, Mary Rising, Matt Robertson, Quinn Rol, Samantha Simone, and Queen Neferteri Zulu.

Photos by Rob Strong

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